Caribou's Mom reviews River of Forgetting

My memoir just received a terrific new review and four stars on Caribou's Mom, one of the top book blogs! Caribou's Mom has won "Best Literary Book Blog" and was short-listed for best-written book blog. Wendy said:

Incredibly personal, the memoir takes the reader deep within Rowan’s thoughts and feelings, exposing her vulnerability and fear.
Reading a book like The River of Forgetting gives insight into what survivors of trauma are experiencing – and thus, provides a path towards empathy.
The River of Forgetting is a deeply personal, often uncomfortable book about psychic healing from trauma. Well-written, brave, and honest, it is a book which leaves the reader with a profound sense of the wrongness of child sexual abuse. Despite the darkness of the subject matter, however, this is a book which ultimately celebrates the strength of the human spirit to overcome the unthinkable and heal from trauma.