Therapy: The Modern Hero’s Journey

 Excerpt from Jane's guest post at Lori's Reading Corner:

Mighty Odysseus undertook his journeys through stormy seas, past seductive Sirens and fearful monsters, on and on through the trials that marked him as a heroic figure. In the end he came home to a faithful wife, whose loyalty he tested before he believed her.

Joseph Campbell, the beloved author of The Hero of a Thousand Faces and presenter of “The Power of Myth,” made it very clear that the real hero’s journeys of our times are internal ones. They are the battles with the storms, temptations, and calls to faithfulness that take place inside our own psyches. Our protagonist is as likely to be a woman as a man. 

The essence of a heroic journey is that we feel a call to change something in our lives, that we are willing to meet this call and take risks for it, that we encounter frightening forces that seem to threaten our very existence, that we receive help (in the old days, from supernatural forces; in these days, often from a therapist or mentor or teacher), and finally that we return home in some sense, to a place both new and old.

Every week, many millions of people enter their therapist’s offices and bravely undertake this inner voyage, returning to the daunting waves and rocks, the monsters from their childhoods and the ghosts of their families... [Read the rest of the post...]

In my book, TheRiver of Forgetting: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse, I wanted to celebrate this process... [Read the rest of the post...]


Pastor Sharon said...

Excellent post. I read it through, even at Lori's blog. Now, after reading an excerpt from the story, I really want to read the whole book.

Ivan King said...

Just dropped in to tell you that I love your blog and your posts; you are really creative. Also, when you get a chance, check out my post about my experiences at the Blogger Convention in New York.

Jane Rowan said...

Thanks, Sharon & Ivan, for your comments. I hope the book is useful to you, Pastor Sharon.