Inner Child Rebellion!

As you can see from this blog, I’ve been doing I lot of publicity for my memoir, The River of Forgetting. Well, today as I sat to listen to my Inner Children, as I do every morning, they were just furious with me. Too much work, not enough play! they said. 

I believe in the power of this memoir, I truly do. I I’ve been getting to amazing emails from others who have read it. They say that it validates their feelings, even if their circumstance of abuse were different. They’ve told me about their own Little Girls inside and the amazing, gutsy, and even funny things these inner children have said. They say the book unlocks access to these feelings.

But today and tomorrow I need just to take care of my own Inner Child and let her do whatever she wants. Maybe some wild abstract painting. Certainly some wandering in the woods and sitting by the pond with the dragonflies buzzing.

It’s time to go play—have a good day, you out there!

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Sandy said...

Dear Jane,

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