Book Promotion and the Inner Child

If I want anyone to find my memoir (The River of Forgetting) and read it, I need to do promotion work. That means Twitter, book blogs, networking, etc. I’m excited about that. I believe in my book.  It’s lyrical, honest, inspiring, hopeful, and painful. Readers tell me that the writing takes them vividly to the places of pain and healing, the journey that abuse survivors need to undertake in order to heal.

So yes, I am promoting the book through a Virtual Book Tour and many other channels, because it’s important.

And it’s a lot of work and outward energy. My inner children fight about it all the time. Eager Girl says, Yes! That’s great! Do it more! Good Girl says, You have to, you must. Meanwhile, quieter parts of me sit huddled in the corner and beg for attention. Please stop, please listen, please give me a long hug.

So I go on day by day, and some days I send lots of Tweets, some days I answer interviews, and every day I take some quiet time, as I need to today, to hold and rock the quiet Inner Child who just needs love and care. After all, caring for this Little Girl, my tenderest self, is what my healing is about.

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