Why I Wrote a Memoir on Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of children is awful, unthinkable. Who wants to go there?

And for the survivors, there is so much heavy lifting to do—the (misplaced) shame; the fear; the flashbacks of sensation, sight, emotion; the mistrust that is the emotional ocean we swim in. For many of us, it’s years of therapy and hard work.

Who would want to revisit that in a memoir, and why?

For me, it came as a flash, about five years into the process. It came as a wave of gratitude to my therapist and gratitude for the process and the life it brought forth in me. I found I wanted to document and share this most intimate, scary, and redemptive portion of my life. I hope that being honest about the doubts, the openings, the fragments and the fears will give heart to others.

Now that my memoir, The River of Forgetting, is available, I hear that others do find it useful. John Lee, author of The Flying Boy and Growing Yourself Back Up, said:
In this moving narrative a most talented writer/poet/artist puts eloquent words to her pain, past and path to healing. Jane tells her own story and in so doing is transformed. Her story will go a long way to transforming anyone who has experienced child abuse. As a survivor myself I highly recommend this book.

I hope you'll take a look at the excerpts and read my story, and that it will be helpful.

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zephyr said...

have you seen the movie "Doubt" which so beautifully described the abuse/exploitation of a needy boy by a priest who had attractive qualities to the student body at large? This movie told my story. I felt grateful for it.