Update on My Memoir

The River of Forgetting, A Memoir of Healing From Sexual Abuse, will be out to the world on December 1, 2010, published by Booksmyth Press and available through Amazon, B&N, etc. Now there are the real-world technicalities. The book is currently out for review by the major national reviewers such as Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and others.

Meanwhile, I got a great blurb from Marilyn Van Derbur, the best-selling author of Miss America By Day. She called it:
A powerful and sensitive portrayal, full of insight into Jane’s own confusion as well as her family’s bewildering dynamics. The writing is by turns lyrical and gut-wrenching, angry and tender. This inspiring, important book shows that healing and joy are possible after childhood abuse. 

UPDATE: advance copies are available for $14.95 postpaid at The River of Forgetting.

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