My Inner Child Speaks and is Heard

A couple of months ago I wrote about feeling very scared in a group situation where I was afraid to state my needs. I felt everyone else was fine and I must be abnormal. It triggered feelings from very early when I learned that the needs of everyone else in my family were more important than mine.

Well, I spoke up to the group and said I sometimes felt lonely and as if the crush of conversation just passed me by. It turned out I was not alone. Different people felt left out for a variety of reasons. We risked telling each other what we needed. It wasn’t like it all became perfect, since we do still have different desires. Some people like light chatting as a relief; others (like me) prefer quiet.

I didn’t blame anybody or get angry but I did say how I felt. My relief was enormous and I feel so much closer to the group now. Maybe this speaking up can work! My Inner Child is happy and amazed.

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