The Inner Child and Love

This morning I sat to listen to my little girls inside, as I do every morning. I felt an enormous, safe love well up inside me—or was it from beyond me? This brim-full sense of love first came to me in therapy, when (after many struggles) I learned to trust my therapist’s love and came to rest in it. Even then, it felt bigger than just two people. It felt like a sacred love that was coming through the agency of this slight, human woman and was being poured into me.

But the other part of it was the trust that I brought to the relationship with my therapist. The little girl inside of me desired with all her heart to open up, be seen, and express love. This was the way I was born, I am sure, full of the desire to love and be loved. Early on, I’d been both stifled and abused, so that the loving-hearted inner child had to flee to a remote place in me. Now she could come home and join me in this new-old loving place.

This morning also, before I sat with my inner children, I read a piece on lovingkindness meditation, what the Buddhists call metta and what the Christians know as God’s love. It’s all one. I knew that clearly as I sat with the little girls. They are part of my path to a sacred loving awareness of the world.