Inner Child's Turn to Play

I've been turning to art recently to express myself. During the long hard process of healing from abuse, the art was squeezed out of me. It was often dark or angry-red zig-zags. These were very important to me to give form and validation to my feelings. Then it became child-scapes, pastels of my little girl in wondrous worlds, visions of the life I could have.

Now, having completed my memoir of healing (which is still looking for an agent), I feel new openings. To make my abstract art I need to experiment and play, without critical voices to stop me. I need to listen to color and form and above all, trust my intuition. Of course there are amazing days and discouraging days. But my inner child and I have a lot of fun with it, and the path of art is a model for the path of my life unfolding.