A Memoir about Healing from Abuse

I met with an agent last Saturday at a local writers’ conference. She kept saying, “But incest has been done. What is new about this one?” I kept saying, “But this one is about the healing, not about the details of what happened long ago.”

Am I wrong that this is new? Of the two dozen abuse memoirs I know, most mention therapy and healing only on a few pages. The last third of I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You deals with recovery, with a few therapy scenes. The proportion in Martin Moran’s wonderful The Tricky Part is similar. The Obsidian Mirror does deal intensively with integrating multiple, wounded selves.

What I’m writing is the terrifying, painful, tender, and loving story of healing through a deep course of therapy and through my creative process. Much of this was through Inner Child work. I felt more vulnerable writing the tender good parts than the awful ones. Perhaps that’s why few other people have written such stories. I think there is a place for this story in the world.

Please let me know if there are other memoirs about healing that I’ve missed.

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Bruce said...

Jane, I have read your blogs with interest. I have been working on healing my inner child for a lifetime and, though my life has grown much richer, I still cycle through painful periods.
I wrote about my journey in a book called Forgive Myself (the title taken from a poem by W. B. Yeats called Dialogue of Self and Soul, as a poet you may know it.)
Being an artist who has experienced sufficient rejection I just decided to publish my book myself,
but it is sold on Amazon.com etc. You might consider this. Best to you, Bruce http://www.myspace.com/brucemorse