Blog Radio Broadcast with Jane on Child Sexual Abuse

On June 25, 2008, Cathy Holloway-Hill hosted a web-radio show on child sexual abuse, featuring me, Jane Rowan, as the interviewee.

As you may know, sexual abuse affects as many as 1 in 3 girls before the age of 18, and as many as 1 in 5 boys. Numbers are hard to collect, of course, because the vast majority of abuse never gets reported to authorities.

We need to learn about that epidemic and stop the abuse. We also need to respect those who have survived the nightmare and support their healing.

You may hear the show by visiting —the show was archived. Several callers phoned in with amazing and touching stories and insights. Co-host Tony Lamont made a surprising revelation.

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Beyond Memory — a memoir of healing from incest

I think I’ve finally found the right title for my memoir. “Beyond Memory” describes the way that the abuse was hidden from me, buried in fragments in my childhood memories. I had a glimpse from when I was three and it hurt between my legs. Then I had other pieces of body-memories that came to me later. Most of the explicit details remained “beyond memory.”

“Beyond Memory” also indicates that the healing process was much more than the recovery of memories. That’s what I thought I needed, at the beginning. But what I really needed was to trust in the feeling-memories that I had and to trust the inner child who gave me those memories. I needed to learn to love and trust my therapist and thus heal the wounds of the betrayal by my father and mother. I needed to own and express the grief, anger, confusion, and hurt—and finally, the love that still remained.

Beyond Memory is now in the polishing-up stage and I’m looking for an agent.

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