A Blessing for Memoir Writers

May all kinds of doubt be banished.
May you enter fully into your own world
so you may bring it into writing
for yourself and for others.
May you take the risks to write
with your heart’s blood on the page.
May you find the images to translate
and speak the language of soul to others.
May you feel the faith that others have in you
and carry their blessings on your way.
May you know that every effort to manifest
your deepest dreams is an effort for the good of all.
May you carry a bit of the dreams of everyone as you walk.
May you show again that expressing pain as well as joy
is necessary for the picture to be true and vivid.
May you know that your work is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this blessing. I am an incest survivor. I am writing my life story as well as memoirs of my life this year after my husband Richard has died. This year has been a year of pain and discovery. I appreciate what you have written here. It somewhat describes me in my process of working through my life. Your website was the first one I am researching about the child within. I look forward to reading more of your journey through this time of your life. Thanks again.

Pandora said...


Thank you for you wise words of encouragement - just what I need as I futz around trying to understand the mystery of my own life. The poet in me loves words for their own sake but a memoir involves grappling with the meaning of our lives as revealed even in the simplest of episodes. And that takes courage and confidence. Your poem is a prayer for all of that. In gratitude.

Jane Rowan said...

Thank you, Pandora. It does take guts. I hope that you enjoy writing your memoir and that it serves many people.