Forums for Abuse Survivors

Just lately I finally joined some on-line forums for survivors of abuse. These are amazing resources, as many of you probably know already. In these spaces I feel a lot of compassion and companionship. People speak the language of recovery, of Inner Child, of triggers and feelings. I feel like I’ve found my people.

When I first looked at sites, they felt a bit overwhelming, but I found two that seem safe to me. They have moderators who pull out communications that are threatening or weird. That’s important. The people who post are willing to tell difficult things about themselves and ask for help. There is a lot of detailed and heart-full support. People also challenge one another when someone’s behavior seems risky or likely to cause harm to self or others. is a fairly large site, with many active threads (topics) on the forums. It is moderated and feels both safe and lively to me. Sections for General Discussion, Our Stories, Positive Transitions, Physical/Emotional/Verbal Abuse Survivors, Survivors of Incest and Sexual Abuse, and more. isurvive also has a chat room for real-time conversations.

Survivors and Friends Forum is another place to have conversations with abuse survivors and their friends. This one is relatively small and feels safe. Different sections for Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Partners of Survivors, and Parents of Survivors.

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missmudpie said...

I haven't forgotten about you. I kept up with your posts until I moved in the middle of May. I had some difficulty getting into my apartment so I stayed with my son. Then I was ill for awhile. Finally I got to your blog. I see you feel you are coming to the end of writing your memior. I am happy for you. I did get the book you had told me about regarding writing....Writing Alone... I haven't had a chance to even get to it as my life has been a bit hectic. But I will. Remember....endings are hard to do. I just ended my therapy with my therapist who has helped confront my abuse. He was leaving the practice he was in. I don't know yet if I will be scheduled with someone else. But ending with something so personal as sexual abuse is not an easy task. I even had a post traumatic stress response that put me in the hospital, even though I thought I was doing fine. So go lightly, especially as it seems you have invested a long period of time in your healing so far.

My Monster said...


I saw you have iSurvive listed as one of your resources and wanted to let you know a great way to support this tremendous non-profit organization. I am currently trying to involve bloggers to raise money, and it is as easy as making a post! I am a survivor and have found great support at iSurvive. I hope you will help the cause by "Blogging For A Cause". Here is some more information, if you are interested:

Thank you for being a part of the abuse survivor community!

My Monster