Inner Child distress calls

Some stuff came up in my family recently where I felt I was being dragged back into my old roles as Good Girl and The One Who Fixes Things. The situation didn’t look dire on the surface, but it raised volcanic, overwhelming feelings. Ah, the inner child calling!

The next few days seemed very long—Shouldn’t I be over this by now? Do I really have to stay with all this? But I listened to my little girl tell me how scary it was to be sucked back into old binds. I held her and let her cry and rage. I re-read my booklet “Caring for the Child Within” to soothe the little one. My therapist also told my inner child she understood how these feelings would come up, but things are not the same now. Nobody’s going to come invade my house and force me to do things.

Besides listening to the feelings, my grownup self had to formulate a plan to speak up and defend my space. My current family issues aren’t resolved now, but they feel more nearly on a normal scale, not so huge and terrifying.


missmudpie said...

Just thought I'd check back to see how your blog is coming. I like the term distress call. I just went through three days trying to respond to an inner distress call. I had to deal with my inner woman at age 20-30 years old with some ties to my inner child. When I married I entered into another "family" with a whole new source of battering. I have cleared my body of the psychic pain and can now begin to sit with my young woman and child and sort out the feelings. I sense there will eventually be an integration of my life, one stage at a time. I sense from your blog entry, you experience these periods of pain, as well. I had to learn, like you, to realize you have to sit with the feelings and not try to fix them. My first tool is to go to my journal and just write. Then I wait and will write some more often listening to the inner child or woman as I write. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Rowan said...

Thanks for checking in. Yes, it's quite a spiral for me, things coming back again and again. What you say is important--the different periods of our lives creating and re-creating difficult patterns. Good for you for sticking with it!

I am just now trying to write about my mother (my relation to her in 1999 when I was uncovering a lot of stuff) and that is bringing up many feelings.

But today is sunny here, like your screen name, and I am going to go out and sit by the water.